Anti-wrinkle treatments can help with fine lines and wrinkles. An injection is inserted into your skin where you would like the lines to ‘disappear’, the liquid applied stops the signals from your nerves to your muscle. This is how you can look the way you feel!

Over time your skin carries the stress of your life experiences, whether you’ve been through a lot, had a lot of exposure to the sun, didn’t realise early enough that you needed to care for your skin. Even the atmosphere around you can impact your skin! It’s natural for collagen product to slow down as you grow older and you’ll find the way your skin feels and looks changes too. Wrinkle lines whether its frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, smokers’ lines or even excessive sweating can cause some people distress, your appearance matters to you and it’s an important aspect of who you are. We’re here to help.

Reach out to us, let us help you achieve your beauty goals. We’re here to discuss your skincare worries and help you with a personalised treatment plan.

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Anti-wrinkle injections can help to  restore your youthful appearance, feeling and looking fresher. The treatment is carried out in The Jewellery Quarter, we’re 10 minutes away from Birmingham city centre.

Treatments can be quite quick and usually painless, with results that can be seen in a matter of days and last months, you’re in good hands with us. Contact our Aesthetic Clinic today!


Struggling with the pain from grinding your teeth? Anti-wrinkle treatments can help relax the muscle to stop the pain! 

Anti-wrinkle Crow's feet

  Smile a lot? You may find that you've now got crow's feet. Find out how our youth drops can help! 

Anti-wrinkle forehead lines

Do you have lines and wrinkles that bother you? Find out how our youth drops can help! 



Want a smoothed out chin? If you're suffering with a pebble chin, anti-wrinkle treatments can help!


Want to see your smile, Lip flip can help! 


Your lips naturally may turn downwards, we can change that - anti-wrinkle treatment can relax the muscle pulling your lips down, which results in them pointing upwards. 



Want to see more of your natural smile without seeing your gums? Our anti-wrinkle treatment for gummy smiles can help relax your top lip, leaving you with a more lip showing! 


If you smile a lot, you may find you suffer with bunny lines; lines which naturally form around your nose. Anti-wrinkle treatment can help relax the muscle, stopping these lines! 

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