Dermal Fillers are usually a substance called Hyaluronic Acid which is injected into your face, filling in lines, wrinkles and adding volume to enhance your facial features such as your cheeks and lips.

It is natural for you have repetitive facial expressions, experience different environments, experience stress, age and for genetics to affect your appearance. Over time all these and other factors can have an impact on volume loss in different parts of your face. You may find that there are certain areas where there is more loss than others.

Dermal Fillers can add shape, sculpt and restore lost volume. At The Glam Fairies we work with you to understand your needs and work with you to meet these needs. We’re at hand to help you feel better about your appearance, whether it’s something small that is bothering you or something big. We’re here to accept you and help you achieve the look you desire!

These treatments are temporary and generally last around 12 months. 

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Chin filler

Looking for a more defined chin? Find out more about our treatment. 

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Cheek filler

Looking to contour your cheeks? Or add definition? Look no further, we're here to help! 


Women modelling their lips together
Lip filler

Something bothering you about your lips? Want to sort out the issues, Derma Fillers can help. 

Jaw filler near me
Jaw filler

Dermal Filler's are great to add definition to your jaw, whether it's defining your chin or adding contouring to your jaw! 

Nasiolabal fold filler Birmingham | Aesthetic Clinic
Nasolabial folds Filler

The natural ageing process can create in sagging of the skin. 

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