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What Are Jaw Fillers?

There are many fillers on the market, most brands have specific fillers designed for particular areas on your face, including jaw fillers. Dermal Fillers are ideal for providing you with a defined and contoured jaw. You can use dermal fillers to enhance and give you a strong jaw or to soften it. Filler placement is key here.

If you’re looking to enhance your jaw, dermal fillers are essential! Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a defined jawline but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to have one! Some individuals prefer subtle changes to their facial features – we can do that, others prefer a more obvious change – we can do that too!

The treatment itself is safe and non-invasive, it is done using a needle, which is placed into your skin at predetermined locations. The filler is then injected, and safety checked to ensure it’s in the right place. Anyone over the age of 18 can have fillers done! It’s long-lasting, usually between 6-12 months and effective – plus its 100% worth it!

We don’t use permeant fillers, so you can always have it dissolved or wait until your body naturally dissolves the product for you, this leaves you with freedom of choice!

Why Choose Jaw Fillers?

Who doesn’t like having a defined, sculptured jawline? We’re here with your dermal fillers to help you define that jaw!

Jaw fillers can add symmetry, balance, definition and contour to your jawline! Dermal Fillers are a gel substance which is injected into your jaw, providing you with volume which can then be contoured into the look you want! This can help with sagging/baggy skin.

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How Long Do They Take?

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The amazing thing with fillers is that the results are instantly visible and can last between 6 – 12 months!

We send you all the documents you need with postcare and aftercare instructions to help you get the best out of your fillers!

You're in Safe Hands

Some people are more sensitive to pain than others, if you are sensitive to pain, we’re happy to apply numbing cream to the jaw to help reduce the pain! Once this has happened, we will mark up your skin and identify the areas where filler can be added, injecting into specific sites to give you the look you want.

Some individuals do experience swelling with fillers, which is normal, applying an ice pack to the area can help!

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