Please read through the terms & conditions, these form a contract between you and us


We ask for a deposit or booking fee to be paid to reserve your appointment and there are several reasons behind this.

We do not double book which means we are reserving an appointment slot for you and only you.

We work out of a busy building and do have fees to pay ourselves regardless of whether you are attending your appointment or not. To cover this we can add a fee on top of treatment costs or require a booking fee/deposit.

We feel it’s unfair to make treatments more expensive to cover this. The deposit will be redeemed towards the cost of your treatment

We do tend to feel if everyone takes responsibility for their timing and attends their appointment on time, things work a lot smoother for everyone

We do understand life happens and things do come in the way, whether it’s traffic, you’re not feeling well etc

We do feel that if you’re paying a deposit for an appointment, you have every intention of attending however if the deposit is refundable there would be no point in us taking the payment in the first place

We would have still incurred costs for reserving your appointment, whether this is admin costs or salaries to cover and the deposit covers this. 

Changing or cancelling your appointment


The deposit is strictly non-refundable. We reserve your appointment time only for you, this means we cannot work with anyone else at that time and we incur costs if you don’t attend your appointment.

If you cancel or change your appointment we will not be able to transfer or refund the deposit, as mentioned above we have reserved that appointment time for you and will incur costs if you don’t attend.

If we feel your medical history allows you to have the treatment you want, we will put the deposit payment towards your treatment cost.

Arrival times

We do understand that things happen, whether it’s the traffic, your car not doing its job or other things happening.

We do expect you to leave with enough time to cover all eventualities and take responsibility for attending on time.

If you arrive late, you may not be able to have your treatment as we will have other clients booked in, who have paid their deposits and reserved their appointment time.

It would be unfair to expect other clients to wait or cancel their appointment because you have arrived late.

It always seems like a good idea to arrive early and normally it is however as our clients are booked back-to- back and each client pays a deposit if you arrive early you will interrupt another client’s treatment.

Our clients reserve their appointment times to fit into their schedule, whether it means they have to get back to work, pick up their children, attend other appointments etc and we cannot ask other clients to rearrange their day due to a client arriving late.

Late arrivals also mean if we asked the next client to push their appointment time back, this would mean we would have to ask every client booked in that day to push their appointment time back, which would mean we work past closing time.

It is therefore important for you to attend your appointment on time.

Will you be able to have the treatment on the day you’ve booked in for?

Although it would be ideal for you to be able to have the treatment on the day you’ve booked, this isn’t always the case. We need to assess your medical history in detail and check the areas you wanted to be treated in person prior to creating a treatment plan for you and whether the results you want are achievable.

We do occasionally have to turn people away from our clinic because of existing medical issues, or for information which wasn’t provided on the medical forms.

The process of consultation is to make sure it is safe for you to have the treatment you want and minimise any risks to you and your health.

We have a responsibility and duty of care towards you.

It is your responsibility, to be honest with us, so we can offer the best help and support to you. If you’re currently having medical treatments, pregnant or nursing, taking medications or seeing your GP for other medical issues, we need to be informed.

We can only help you if we know what’s going on for you.

Always ask

We will do all we can to help you make an informed decision.

If you’re unsure of whether you want the treatment, it would be best for you to take some time to consider what you want prior to booking in.

When completing the medical forms please ensure you read them properly so you’re aware of the risks with the treatment you want to have done.

If you have questions, always ask, and don’t assume!


By booking with us, you are agreeing that you accept all of the above terms and conditions.

You will have access to this brochure prior to booking and it will be confirmed via email that you have read and understood the terms.

If you cancel 2 appointments, unfortunately, we will not be offering further appointments.

To reiterate the deposit is strictly non-refundable.