skin boosters FAQ's

What Are skin booster injections?

Skin boosters are delivered through a needle to deliver serums deep into your skin, leaving it hydrated. These are also known as 'injections for skin quality' because of the natural glow and radiance you are left with. Skin boosters have become a popular treatment over recent years and can target specific issues you face. 

How long do skin boosters last?

Skin Boosters usually have a combination of different ingredients, including Hyaluronic acid which draws moisture and water into your skin, hydrating the area which has been targeted. The effects can last around nine months and usually take three to four weeks to see.

What are the benefits?

Skin boosters are a great way of hydrating your skin, which improves elasticity, texture, tone and the production of collagen.

Skin boosters are a quick, easy and effective way to nourish your skin from the inside out.

Are skin boosters the same as dermal fillers?

Although both treatments have similar ingredients, the way they work and the product itself is different. Skin boosters are injected directly under the skin whereas Dermal Fillers can be injected into the skin or deeper. Skin boosters are in the form of a liquid which can easily spread in your skin whereas dermal fillers are a more of a gel like substance which can stay where it is injected.

How much does skin boosters cost?

As with most treatments the cost varies depending on the product and the amount used. Generally the cost can be anywhere from £50 - £200. 

Are skin boosters permanent?

Skin boosters are not permanent, we suggest getting treatments every six - nine months, depending on which product is used.

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