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learn about cheek fillers

Cheek fillers are injections that provide volume to your cheeks whether it’s for contouring or the apple of your cheeks. You can make drastic changes to your cheeks or alter them slightly to give a more natural look. 

There are several kinds of materials that are approved for use in cheek fillers.

We use Hyaluronic acid fillers because this is naturally produced in your body, and we love these products! 

As everyone is different, the length of time your fillers will last depends on your body, for some they can last 6 months for others it can be 12 months! 

There are a few people unfortunately who can’t have fillers, these include 

  • If you suffer with bleeding disorder 
  • Allergy to the ingredients in the filler 
  • Pregnant or breast feeding 
  • Allergic to bee stings 

In your confirmation email, you will be sent links to the medical forms as well as the postcare and aftercare documents. Once you’ve filled out he medical forms and had your consultation to ensure you’re a good fit for fillers, we can proceed to do your cheek fillers!  

The beauty with any of our Dermal Fillers is that they are temporary! You can always add more if you prefer more volume, you can always get them dissolved if you change your mind and we can place them in several areas to give you the look you want! 

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