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Our Aesthetic clinic is located in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter

The Glam Fairies Birmingham is an aesthetic clinic offering chemical peel treatments to help reduce hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Our experienced and professional staff will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your skin type, to help achieve smoother and glowing skin. Looking for chemical peels in Birmingham, contact us today. 


Chemical Peel Birmingham for Hyperpigmentation, Fine Lines, and Wrinkles

We utilize a leading salon-grade brand of chemical peel, crafted by top experts in the field of scientific applied cosmeceuticals. These peels deliver an optimal concentration of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, including potent growth factors, hydrating hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, and protective antioxidants. Peptise and other powerful active ingredients are also integral to the formulation, ensuring maximum skin health benefits.

Chemical peels, recognized worldwide for improving skin appearance, have been a staple in skincare for years. These treatments work by removing dead skin cells and fostering new cell growth, thereby enhancing the overall texture and tone of your skin. Contact The Glam Fairies in Birmingham for your chemical peel treatment, 


Benefits include dealing with:

  • Acne
  • Enlarged pores
  • Scarring
  • Redness
  • Rosacea
  • Hyperpigmentation

The tailored chemical peels we apply are customized to your individual needs and your skin’s tolerance. We offer different types of chemical peels to address a variety of skin concerns. These versatile treatments can be applied not only to the face but also to the neck and body, providing a comprehensive skincare solution.

Our chemical peel treatment is specifically designed to remove the top layer of dead and damaged skin. By applying a specialized solution to the desired area, we can address skin concerns such as scars, marks, and hyperpigmentation. The result is the production of fresh skin, leaving you with rejuvenated, fresher, and glowing skin.

Our salon-grade chemical peels contain the highest quality ingredients, offering a level of potency that surpasses what at-home products can provide. These peels deliver an exfoliation treatment that is effective without being harsh on your skin, ensuring a gentle yet thorough renewal process.

At The Glam Fairies Birmingham, you can indulge in professional aesthetic care with our chemical peels. Our treatments are meticulously designed to help you unlock your inner glow, leaving your skin looking smoother and more radiant. These peels are ideal for addressing concerns such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. You may benefit from chemical peel treatments at our Birmingham clinic, if you suffer hyperpigmentation.

Chemical peel with The Glam Fairies Birmingham

chemical peel Procedure time

30 - 45 minutes

Side effects

Redness and stinging

Treatment areas



3 - 7 days

Lasts up to

1 - 2 months


Our chemical peels deliver results that you're sure to love. By employing a combination of advanced treatments and techniques, we ensure that your skin looks smoother and more radiant. Our commitment is to provide high quality results, leaving your skin looking and feeling its absolute best.

A Chemical peel is a solution that, when applied to your skin, works to exfoliate deeply, removing dead and damaged cells from the top layer. By avoiding harsh abrasive rubbing, a Chemical Peel can exfoliate your skin more effectively than at-home products, thereby achieving a better result.

A Chemical peel can give you instant results!

A Chemical peel treatment is quite quick and results are instant!

Our process begins with cleansing your skin, followed by the gentle chemical peel application, which lifts away the dead skin, allowing the healthier skin beneath to emerge. The Chemical peel is then neutralised after the specified time, ensuring your skin’s safety and comfort.

Helps to deal with:

  • Acne 
  • Enlarged pores 
  • Scarring 
  • Redness 
  • Rosacea 
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Yes. There are a few things to bare in mind, please see below:
  • Avoid exfoliating your skin a week  prior to your appointment 
  • Avoid over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen for 48 hours prior to your treatment
  • Avoid using Tretinoin (Retin-A), Retinol, Retinoids, Glycolic Acid, or any anti-aging products
  • Avoid any hair removal 24 hours prior to your treatment in the area that will be treated
  • Avoid using any other chemical peels on your skin a week prior to your treatment 
  • Have a history of abnormal skin scarring.
  • Have extra colouring in your scars.
  • Have skin conditions or take medications that make your skin more sensitive.
  • Can’t stay out of the sun for the healing period.
  • Active cold sores
  • Open lesions
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Untreated diabetes
  • Auto immune diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Aspirin allergy
  • Any suspicious lesions or active skin cancers
  • Dermatitis
  • Any burn (sun or otherwise)
  • Use of the prescription Accutane within the last 6 months
  • Any recent facial surgery
CHEMICAL PEEL treatment: what to expect

Our process begins by thoroughly cleansing and prepping your skin, setting the stage for a transformative chemical face peel. With precision, we apply a TCA chemical peel, ensuring a gentle touch to minimize discomfort. After the peel has worked its magic, a toner is used to neutralize the solution, revealing the dramatic chemical peels before and after results. This treatment effectively removes dead and damaged cells, offering a solution for those searching for ‘chemical peel near me’ or ‘facial peel near me’. Not only does it address hyperpigmentation and acne scars, but it also contributes to skin rejuvenation, with the chemical peel cost reflecting its multifaceted benefits.

Step 1

Choose whether you want music or a silent treatment

Step 2

Cleanse and tone your skin

Step 3

Enzyme peel: Exfoliate and dead skin removal

Step 4

Apply your chosen peel

Last step


Ready to rejuvenate your complexion? Reach out to us now to arrange your chemical peel treatment in Birmingham. Our experienced skin specialists are eager to assist you throughout the process and customize a treatment strategy for your distinct requirements. Keep in mind, at our skin clinic in Birmingham, maintaining your skin health is our utmost concern. Unveil the remarkable results of a chemical peel, including the potential skin peels before and after transformation. Embrace the journey towards skin confidence with a TCA chemical peel, or explore other options for chemical peels near me, face peel near me, or skin peel near me. Don’t wait to experience the renewing effects of a chemical face peel at our Birmingham clinic today!

Chemical peel treatment is a skincare procedure that involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin. This solution prompts the shedding of old, dead skin cells, allowing new ones to grow, leading to healthier-looking skin.

At The Glam Fairies, we start by cleansing and preparing your skin. We then apply a chemical peel solution, which we leave on for a few minutes before neutralising and removing it. The peel works by eliminating dead and damaged skin cells, letting new cells generate for improved skin appearance.

Chemical peels can treat various skin complaints, including fine lines, acne, wrinkles, and scars. The results are improved with repeated treatments and with deeper peels, you can notice more significant improvements.

Chemical peels are safe treatments. However, the safety and effectiveness of the treatment depend on the expertise of the skincare specialist. At The Glam Fairies, we prioritise your safety and provide personalised treatments to match your skin’s needs.

After undergoing a chemical peel procedure, The Glam Fairies skincare specialists provide advice on essential aftercare to maximise the benefits of the treatment and ensure your skin recovers effectively.

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