Chemical peels - Everything you need to know

Should you have a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a solution which is applied to your face, once it has been prepped and cleaned, this purpose of chemical peels is to remove dead skin and stimulate cell growths. The chemical peels you can buy at home are not the same peels that are used in salons. The quality of the ingredients and strength are very different; salon chemical peels have a higher strength exfoliant.

Depending on the chemical peels used, it can target different problematic areas – find out more here. 

We offer chemical peels which are superficial but vary in their strength. The deeper the chemical peel the more risk the procedure carries. 


We ensure that your skin is cleaned, the doses are correct and the place is sanitised to remove the risk of bacteria and infections. 

Chemical peels need to be repeated on a monthly basis until you achieve the skin you want, after which you can space out the treatments. 

Our Chemical Peels will:

  • Remove skin cells from the top layer of your skin 
  • The solution is only left on for a few minutes (3 minutes max) however the whole process can take up to 30 minutes 
  • You may experience tightening of your skin for a few hours after your treatment 
  • You will need monthly appointments to achieve the difference you’re looking for

There are of course side effects of having a chemical peel done, this includes hyperpigmentation, cold sores especially if you’ve had them before. You will find that your skin is sensitive after the treatment, which is normal, using a SPF after your treatment is essential to prevent any damage to your skin. 

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