Why you should clean your makeup brushes

Should you clean your brushes and why?


Serious questions, when was the last time you washed and cleaned your makeup brushes? It appears to be quite common for people not to clean them; if you have makeup caked onto your makeup brushes, you could be allowing lots of bacteria to grow into your bristles and then apply them all over your face! There’s a lot of negatives to not cleaning your brushes, you could breakout in acne, and spreading germs across your face, you could end up with rashes, skin irritation and other problems. Even worse is sharing your brushes with someone else which can lead to cold sores and conjunctivitis. If you’ve ever watched a professional makeup artist, you’ll notice they clean their brushes and sponges after each use, to prevent the spread of bacteria. 

 Wet to dry conditions are an idea breeding ground for bacteria and fungi; if you leave wet product like foundation on your brushes, they can breed micro-organisms quicker than if you had dry brushes. To deal with this, it is suggested you thoroughly clean your makeup brushes and sponges even if it means taking an extra minute or two on them.  

How often to wash them?

I usually recommend washing your makeup brushes on a weekly basis if you’re a light user. If you use heavy products that soak into your brushes, I would recommend washing them at least 2/3 times a week. 

How to clean them? 

Wet your brush, apply a cleaning product (I love Johnson’s baby shampoo) and place it in the palm of your hand, wriggle the bristles in the product and rinse, repeat this until your brush is clean 

How to know if your brushes are clean?

Once you’ve washed them, you should be able to see the original bristle colour, if it’s not showing, continue to wash them and maybe try a different cleaning product. Once you know your brushes are clean, place them in a cool, dry place avoid damp areas where bacteria will grow. Ideally clean your brushes at night so you don’t have to go without them. Place them on a flat surface to keep the bristles shape otherwise they will go into every direction possible! 

If your skin has been affected by bacteria from your brushes and you do start to clean them regularly, don’t worry if your skin isn’t cleaning up straight away – change happens with consistency!  

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