How to give your skin a summer glow!

How to get glowing skin In 10 minutes!

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With this time of year, the cold weather, stress and not being able to slow down, it can take a toll on you and your skin. You have a million and one things to do and you may find yourself with less time to look after yourself. The results may be that your skin starts to feel neglected, dry and dull…never fear we’re here to help and it won’t take you long! 

Clean your skin

I strongly believe in double cleansing your skin; makeup has a great way of clogging up your pores, leading to breakouts and dulling down your skin if it’s not removed properly. Use two different cleansers to try and get all the makeup off your skin so you can start with a fresh base before the rest of your routine. 

Cleanse your skin

 Cleansers are a great tool to remove impurities from your skin, prevent acne, exfoliate as well as redness, leaving you with brighter skin and only takes a few minutes. 

Use Hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin, this will draw moisture into your skin and leave it feeling plump and moisturised. 

Use a face mask, if you’re busy you don’t need to keep this on for 30 minutes, once a week for a few minutes can make a big difference; you’ll feel pampered, and it will soothe your skin. 

Use Vitamin C serum which is a great, easy, and quick way to brighten up your skin in no time! 

Get some rest. Yes, we know it’s easier said than done, however you still need to look after yourself and being tired will result in your skin not having enough time to repair itself whilst your asleep.

It can take around 10 minutes to get glowing skin, you don’t need fancy products or a lot of time but you do deserve to take a few minutes out to look after yourself and your skin. 

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