Post Pregnancy Skin: The treatments that will get your glow back!

Find out what treatments will help you get your glow back!



Post Pregnancy Skin: Let’s talk about it!

Pregnancy is undeniably one of the most rewarding and fulfilling periods of time in a woman’s life. But whilst everyone talks about the memories, experiences and amazing changes to your body, let’s talk about the not-so-fortunate changes that can affect you.

One of these being, the biggest organ in your body… Your skin!

Did you know that the skin on your body is around 20 square feet, and the skin is made up of 64% water? The average person also has around 300 million skin cells; and we want to keep all of them healthy, right?

Experiencing acne, pigmentation or any other skin conditions throughout and post-pregnancy is completely normal, expected and is something you’re not experiencing alone! Hormones are the biggest trigger for skin conditions and problems, and you have enough of those during pregnancy to guarantee you’ll experience at least one skin issue pre or post.

Although it’s not safe to treat skin with medical-grade or chemical treatments whilst pregnant, we certainly can treat it afterwards.

So, what can be done? At The Glam Fairies, we have a variety of different treatments to manage whatever concerns and symptoms you’re dealing with. This could be breakouts, ageing, dryness and dehydration, or pigmentation, commonly known as melasma or ‘pregnancy mask’. know if your brushes are clean?

Our relaxing, soothing and medical-grade treatments such as Dermaplaning, PRP, Microneedling, and Chemical Peels treat these exact concerns and are all tailored to your skin and your desired result. Smooth, acne-free skin after pregnancy is not one of those wild dreams you’ve had like having a sleepless night, it’s achievable!

Feel like you need your glow back? Want to be filter-free? We’ve got you covered, whatever your concern is.

Book in for your bespoke, informative consultation with our head practitioner and skin expert Kay, to decide which of our transforming treatments will give you back your glow. 

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