Retinol | Vitamin C | Hyaluronic Acid – find out what these are and do for your skin


If you’re on social media, you’ll have no doubt come across videos on skincare products and the benefits of using these regularly. We’re going to run through some basic information first as we do tend to find a lot of information can be overwhelming and can easily get confusing (even for us!) 


A form of Vitamin A, this ingredient promotes renewal of your skin and enhances collage production. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase the skin cell renewal, and can reverse some damage caused by the sun.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is extremely great antioxidant which protects your skin from the environment, pollution, inflammation, restoring glow to your skin, helping with fine lines and wrinkles, it can reduce signs of pigmentation and promote collagen, not only that it can help your SPF protect your skin better! Wow to the results of Vitamin C. 

Hyaluronic acid. 

We love Hyaluronic acid and so will your skin! This ingredient can hold up to 1,000 times it’s weight in water, so it draws in moisture and locks it into your skin! Your skin will be left feeling hydrated and moisturised! The best bit, everyone can use Hyaluronic acid, how great is that? 

The best process

It is always best to use Hyaluronic Acid before using Vitamin C, both are ideally used during your morning routine, this will protect your skin from free radical damage. 

Retinol should always be used in the evenings and can be used alongside Hyaluronic acid; the product is sensitive to light which is why it is usually in dark coloured bottles to prevent light from getting through to the product. To prevent your skin from sun damage, only ever use retinol at night, ideally before bed. 

Slowly does the trick

Try to gradually introduce retinol into your skincare regime, introducing your skin too quickly by using this every night is far too quick for your skin to adjust to the new product. Start of slow, use retinol once a week before increasing this over the next few months to a couples of nights and then every day if your skin can handle this. You can use your retinol alongside moisturise to help your skin adjust to the ingredients too! 


Use a small amount of product, it can go a long way and will prevent overusing product and it’ll be going to waste. As is always the case – change takes time, you won’t see instant results with using any product, be patient and consistent! 

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