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Do you want to look younger?

If you do, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our skin boosters are designed to help you achieve that youthful glow with just one application!

Skin boosters are a revolutionary product that will help restore your skin’s natural balance and elasticity, leaving it firmer, healthier, and more radiant than ever before.

A single application of our Skin Boosters will leave your skin looking younger and feeling softer. And best of all, these incredible treatments can be used by anyone who wants to make their skin look better.

What are skin boosters?

Skin boosters are amazing products, designed to penetrate the layers of the skin to provide deeper skin hydration. Skin boosts can deliver HA, nutrition, repair skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Skin boosts can also revitalise your skin, improving fine lines, texture, and appearance and slowing down the ageing process. The treatments can be provided with different products which can target specific areas of your face and target particular issues.


Benefits include:

  • More radiant complexion

  • Healthier skin tone

  • Reduction in visible lines and wrinkles

  • Tighter, lifted skin

  • Better hydration – a flattering ‘glow’

  • Firmer skin texture

  • Softer skin with more elasticity

  • Reduction in patchy pigmentation

  • Whitening

  • Anti-aging

  • Skin restructuring

  • Anti-wrinkle

  • Enhancing elasticity

  • Replenishing skin balance

  • Rejuvenation

  • Reducing the signs of acne

 You can book for a Skin Booster treatment with The Glam Fairies, we’re located 10 minutes from Birmingham City centre. Come in, in your lunch hour, or evenings and weekends because we know you’re busy and we work around your schedule. 

Procedure time

30 minutes

Side effects

Redness and stinging

Treatment areas



24 hours

Lasts up to

1 - 6 months


Contact us today to book in for your skin booster treatment. 

Skin Boosters deliver deeper HA or nutritions into the skins layers, revitalising your skin from the inside out! 

Results can be instant in some people whilst others may notice changes a few days later.

We start with cleansing your skin, then we decide the best product for you. We mark out your skin targeting any problematic areas. Slowly we’ll start to inject the product directly into your skin. The process usually only takes 10/15 minutes. 

Helps to deal with:

  • More radiant complexion

  • Healthier skin tone

  • Reduction in visible lines and wrinkles

  • Tighter, lifted skin

  • Better hydration – a flattering ‘glow’

  • Firmer skin texture

  • Softer skin with more elasticity

  • Reduction in patchy pigmentation

  • Whitening

  • Anti-aging

  • Skin restructuring

  • Enhancing elasticity

  • Replenishing skin balance

  • Rejuvenation

  • Reducing the signs of acne

Yes. There are a few things to bare in mind, please see below:

  • If able to, please stop any medication 7 days prior that can increase your risk of bleeding e.g. Aspirin, fish oil, ibuprofen. Do not stop medication if recommended to do for a medical reason.

    Avoid using ‘active skincare’ products e.g. Retinol, AHA/BHAs, for 2 days pre procedure.

    Avoid heavy exercise 24 hrs prior to your appointment.

    Avoid heavy alcohol consumption 24 hrs prior.

  • Have a history of abnormal skin scarring.

  • Have extra colouring in your scars.

  • Have skin conditions or take medications that make your skin more sensitive.

  • Can’t stay out of the sun for the healing period.

  • Active cold sores

  • Open lesions

  • Pregnancy

  • Lactation

  • Untreated diabetes

  • Auto immune diseases

  • Diabetes

  • Aspirin allergy

  • Any suspicious lesions or active skin cancers

  • Dermatitis

  • Any burn (sun or otherwise)

  • Use of the prescription Accutane within the last 6 months

  • Any recent facial surgery

Choose your skin booster

Jalupro is an injectable solution that has been formulated using a clever combination of amino acids. Technically labelled as a ‘dermal biorevitalizer’, it improves skin texture whilst diminishing wrinkles. 

The science behind Jalupro works by feeding the connective tissue under the skin layers, otherwise known as fibroblasts. Fibroblasts produce collagen and repair skin to ensure it always has elasticity and great looking texture. As skin ages, the fibroblasts function reduces in activity; this can be caused by many factors, including spending too much time in the sun, intense smoking and other reasons. Consequently, wrinkles appear.

The amino acids in Jalupro join forces with the existing fibroblasts to help them continue their pre-ageing function. The more abundant the amino acids, the more healthier the skin cells are, resulting in younger appearance. This natural phenomenon is an effective way for skin to look younger again without surgery.

Lumi Eyes is a high-quality injection product based on polynucleotides (obtained from purified salmon milk DNA) that repair damage to the dermis with tissue regenerating material. Ruthlessly destroys dark circles under the eyes, moisturises and fights fine wrinkles, as well as smoothing and lifting the skin under the eyes. As a tissue booster, it has a proven rejuvenating effect. Stimulation of the skin cells, collagen and elastin allows to delay the ageing processes and strengthens the skin. It improves the firmness, density and quality of the skin in an extremely natural way.

Lumi Eyes stimulates the skin to self-regenerate. Thanks to the absorption speed there is no downtime with this treatment, you can return to your normal daily life straight after the treatment.

For better results, it is recommended to perform a series of 3 treatments with an interval of 2 weeks and repeat the treatment twice a year. The skin will gain energy and freshness, while reducing bruising and fatigue.

Benefits of Dermaren Lumi Eyes:

Complex whitening and skin rejuvenation
Restoration of damaged skin
Forming a healthy skin barrier
Regeneration of cells and tissues of the dermis
Anti-aging and anti-fine wrinkles
Skin lightening & rejuvenation
Improvement of skin elasticity

TKN HA 3 Skin Booster for bio revitalisation by Toskani

TKN HA 3 is a second generation non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid skin booster

Hyaluronic Acid is a very versatile molecule which can hold up to 1000 times its own molecular weight in water which makes it ideal for adding hydration to the skin. This results in a plumper, more youthful looking complexion. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production within the skin which are the building blocks of the skin giving it more elasticity. Finally it helps to nourish the skin & give it more vitality.

So what makes TKN skin booster different to other biorevitalisers on the market? Others have a low molecular weight which means the results are short in duration and many are very dense, thick gels.

skin booster treatment: what to expect

We start with cleansing and prepping your skin, we will then mark out your skin for the treatment. Once we’ve identified which areas need targeting, we will inject the chosen product directly into your skin.

We’re only a 3 minute walk from the Jewellery Quarter train station and 10 minutes from Birmingham City Centre. 

Step 1

Choose whether you want music or a silent treatment

Step 2

Numbing cream for certain areas is applied

Step 3

Mark up your skin

Step 4

Inject your chosen product into your skin

Last step

Glowing skin!

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