Vampire facials

How incredible do vampire facials look, you’ve seen them all over social media and seen many celebrities advocating for them, faces covered in blood…gruesome but so intriguing at the same time! 

Vampire facials are PRP treatments, where the plasma from your own blood is used to repair your skin, whether it’s facial concerns or if you want to treat your head to rejuvenate your hair! Your skin could be left sparkling and glowing like Edward Cullen’s! 

If you’re new to these treatments, you may not be aware of what Plasma is. Your blood consists of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets – all of these are important for your body to function. Plasma makes up 55% of your total blood volume and is a liquid which carries the platelets, and white and red blood cells around your body. 

Plasma treatments are brilliant because your plasma contains over 700 proteins, antibodies and other substances, the main role of plasma is to carry nutrients, hormones, and proteins around your body to parts that need it. 

Have flawless skin like a vampire! 

Using your own plasma and introducing this back into your skin, stimulates cell turnover resulting in collagen and elastin production which leaves your skin plumper, tighter and smoother.

There are various ways of using your own plasma, this can be directly injected into your own skin similar to the way dermal fillers are injected, this will stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate your skin. 

Your plasma can be microneedling into your skin/hair, where the plasma can be spread across a large skin area, this result in a reduction of fine lines, accelerates healing and promote collagen production. This is referred to as the vampire facial. 

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