What are spritz (mist) sprays?


Do you need to be using mist sprays?  

With the rise of social media, it appears that there are more and more products out there and all of these seem to do such amazing things! We’re over the next few months going to break down some of the information and look into what’s good for your skin. 

So, let’s start with spritz sprays. What are they?

Most of the spritz sprays will contain hyaluronic acid, which will keep your thirsty skin hydrated this winter. England isn’t exactly known for our lovely summer months and the winter will take a toll on your skin. 

There are several benefits to using a spritz spray, especially in the winter months:

  • Hydration. The main reason people use mist sprays is for hydration, you can use it at any time and they’re great over makeup too, because the particles are so tiny they won’t disrupt your makeup. 
  • Some mist sprays have a specific ingredient to tackle problematic skin such as redness or inflammation on the skin 
  • Great tool for dehydrated and oily skin. Choose the product which works best for your skin. 

Have a look around for the right kind of spray to suit your skin, and hydrate away, no matter where you are! 

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