Understanding how micro needling treatments can repair your damaged skin

PRp microneedling before and after @TheGlamFairies

You’ve probably heard about microneedling, the benefits are raved about and people can’t stop talking about how great it is. 

The procedure is conducted through a pen, which has an attachment holding very fine needles…yikes! Nothing to fear though, the area to be treated is applied with numbing cream to prevent you from feeling any level of pain! Your skin is then prepped and cleaned to make sure it’s ready for the procedure. Depending on your skin concern a particular serum will be applied to address those concerns and the needles are injected into your skin to promote self-healing i.e. your skin to repair itself. 

Knowledge is power!

There’s a number of different issues microneedling can treat from wrinkles, scaring, boosting hydration in your skin, boosting collagen, and repairing sun damage to name a few! 

After the treatment people usually find that their skin is red, sore and a bit tight…all of these are normal and to be expected. Over the next few days, you’ll find your skin is glowing and feeling much smoother. 

According to a study carried out in 2008 (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18349665/) microneedling sessions done over a 4-month period showed improvement of up to 400% in collagen and elastin six months after treatment! How amazing is that? 

Microneedling is a process that can take at least 6 sessions to see results; hyperpigmentation will appear less noticeable, wrinkles become finer and your skin looking more healthier overall. 

Once you’ve gained the skin you’re comfortable with, the treatments can be spaced out and used to maintain your healthy glowing skin!

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