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Winter skincare routine and treatments

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Isn’t it annoying when you’re maintaining your skin and then comes along winter and it all changes! Gone from supple, moisturised, healthy glowing skin to dry, flaky and dull all within a space of a month! Here come the cold temperatures with those harsh winds. The question now is how to maintain that healthy, moisturised skin in the winter months? Winter skincare routines are essential to maintain your healthy skin, whether you have sensitive skin (like me) or acne-prone skin, so let’s talk about winter skincare! 

Serums with antioxidants are great for winter, especially if it’s full of vitamin C try to avoid serums with alcohol, as this can dry out your skin. 

SPF – yes it sounds odd to use SPF in winter times when the suns hiding from everyone but the UV rays still come through and impact your skin 

Facemasks – we all love them! However, if you use clay-based facemasks, be wary in winter as these can dry out your skin, try using a moistening mask instead 

Try our Microneedling treatment with Hyaluronic Acid, which will add moisture deep within your skin, to give it back its plumpness, glow and retain the moisture! 

This winter – glowing skin only!

Dry skin 

If you generally suffer from dry skin, drink plenty of water! Yes, you may feel that you’ll run to the toilet a lot more and you probably will however hydration from drinking water is always recommended and beneficial to keeping your skin hydrated! 

Use a moisturising cream that suits your skin! If it has hyaluronic acid that’s a great bonus!

Exfoliate once a week to help with removing any dead skin sitting on your skin, which will reveal the glow underneath, always go with the products you know work for your skin! 

Acne skin 

Acne-prone skin needs moisturising just as much as any other skin type! Using products which don’t clog your pores is essential for acne-prone skin, so look out for ‘non-comedogenic’ labels on your products. Be sure to cleanse your skin using two different products to ensure all products are removed from your skin (learnt this the hard way), tone your skin and yes, moisturise!! 

Using a spot treatment can also help, as with anything find the product that works well with your skin. 

We offer a range of different microneedling treatments which can help whether you’re suffering from winter skin problems, from dryness to dull skin or you have acne scarring, enlarged pores or other skin imperfections. 

Lastly, always remember change takes time, consistency is key, whether you’re implementing a skincare routine or having treatments done.   

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